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I’m off galivanting around the world for a few weeks so I have lined up some some talented ladies to hold the fort while I’m gone. Hope you enjoy!

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Over my way, kids are more likely to be having a game of backyard cricket after Christmas lunch than building a snowman. So while I can’t speak from experience, I can say that this budget-friendly gift idea by Grace at Sense and Simplicity looks like a whole lot of fun. In fact, it’s rather getting me excited about seeing snow in Europe next week!

Anyone else struggle with thinking of what to give preteens and teenagers for Christmas? I have a slew of nieces and nephews ranging in age from 9 to 15 years and I wanted to give them each a Christmas gift. I needed to think of something that would interest a variety of ages, was gender neutral… and didn’t cost a fortune.

I decided to make them each a snowman lab in a box. I thought it might appeal to their sweet tooth/teeth and their funny bones.

Let’s see all the snowman parts:

I boxed all the snowman parts up, tied the box with some wool (my favourite thing to tie around packages), and added a tag.

Doesn’t that seem like something teens and pre-teens would like? What are you giving to children that age on your Christmas list?

– Grace

P.S. Thanks Alicia for posting my snowman parts on your very stylish and creative blog (and allowing me to say ‘poop’).  It was a complete honour to be included in your guest post line-up.

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About the guest poster:

Grace lives near Toronto and is a speech-language pathologist by day and a design-loving Mom of three by night. In her blog, Sense and Simplicity, she shares her love of decorating, family, photography, food, and travel.

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I’m off travelling for the summer so I have some lovely guests holding the fort while I’m away. Today’s post comes to you from Nicole Herrick of Kids Style Hub. Take it away, Nicole!

Kids Style Hub gift guide

It’s time to start collecting goodies for Christmas! If you’re a subscriber of this blog, you’re probably not the type of person to go shopping at Big W for your gifts. Instead, you trawl the markets and quirky stores for beautiful, unique pieces. This season, shop locally and buy gifts that are designed by your talented Aussie and NZ neighbours.

1. Tools Tote by Adelie Creations $29.95
2. Kids Stuff Story Starters by Leaf $19.95
3. Moops Heat-Mee Wheat Rabbit by MOOPS and hoops $29.95
4. Handstitched Puzzle Cube by Milk N Honey $35
5. Trilby by Pooki Boo $22
6. Reversible Bucket Hat by Pooki Boo $32.95
7. Milk Cotton Jumpsuit by Escargot $39.95
8. Custom cushion by Squiggle and Stitch $35
9. Bean chairs by Lelbys $99.95
10. DIY Necklace Kit by The Black Sheep $15
All available in the KSH store in Melbourne or online.
Kids Style Hub is a retail platform for emerging Aus and NZ designers, designed to give the little guys a go. They have a bricks and mortar store open 7 days a week as well as over 1500 products available online for kids of all ages. They also offer kids parties, mothers groups, workshops, and event space. And did I mention a DIY photo studio too?

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kid quotes mini book2

kids quotes mini book

I love hearing stories from friends of the funny things their children have said. Sure, it might be nice to share with the friends and aunties on Facebook, but after a while they will be lost.

Capture those little pearls of wisdom with this darling free printable book from Delightful Distractions.

You can find it here at her blog.

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Clear pouches for on the go

Organise anything that can be handy while out and about into clear zippered pouches. Store them near the door so you can grab the relevant bags as you rush out the door and you’ll always be ready for the day’s activities.

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I love you more than

To be honest, The Man and I aren’t big on all the trappings of Valentine’s Day, and we’re definitely not into the roses-and-teddies brand of romance. Surprising each other with thoughtful gestures is more our style.

With that in mind, I whipped up these cute ‘I love you more than…’ notes to leave lying aroud for your main squeeze to discover this V-Day (or any other day, really).

I love you more than

I love you more than

I love you more than

I love you more than

Click here to download.

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Show & Tell

I am excited to announce that Akimbo is branching out into art prints!

First out of the gate is this alphabet print in the Regency collection. They would be perfect for a nursery (baby shower gift, anyone?) but aren’t so cutesy that they couldn’t be displayed elsewhere in the home.

It comes unframed but is designed to fit a 40x50cm Ikea Ribba frame as shown in the picture.

Regency alphabet print detail

Available in Blue/Olive and Pink/Lime, you can get yours here.

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Lego cake and biscuits

Whose birthday did I make these for? Not a son, or a nephew… Nope, they’re for my husband. Who says 27 is too old for Lego?

Lego cake

The cake turned out much smaller and messier than I hoped (it looks like Van Gogh did the icing) but I hope you’ll agree it’s not too bad for my first attempt at doing a novelty cake.

My method, if you want to try it yourself, was to bake a plain sponge cake and trim the edges to make it square. I then used round biscuit cutters to cut the cylinders out of the cake off-cuts. I iced the plain cake, then stuck the circles on and iced them.

Lego biscuits

For the biscuits, I used my favourite only biscuit recipe, rolled out the dough and cut around a cardboard template I’d made. I am hopeless at piping, so a tube of ready-made black piping gel is my new BFF.

I think I’m still high on all the sugar and food colouring.

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I don’t have children but I imagine it would be pretty difficult to part with those itty bitty adorable baby clothes after they’ve been outgrown. Most of them can be donated to a friends or charity, but for those extra special items don’t just shove them in a box never to be seen again: treasure them every day with these ideas.

A year of baby outfits

Photograph them and make into a journal (That’s Happy)

Framed baby shoes

Frame them and hang in the child’s room (Liberty Biberty)

Martha Stewart baby clothes sunprints Quilt made from baby clothes

Create sun prints or make into a quilt (Martha Stewart)

 Have you got any ideas for cherishing your child’s baby clothes?

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Curling up with your favourite glossy is not quite the same when it’s on your laptop, but it does have the advantage of being free. So grab a cuppa and enjoy the latest e-mag…

Sweet Paul #4

Apart from the always stunning photography, the editors clearly have fabulous taste since they featured the circus-inspired bedroom that I posted about last week 😉

Read it here.

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art party  art party

[Stunned silence]

If you’re as amazed as I am at this incredible rainbow layer cake, then check out more of the details for this art-themed kids’ party.

art party

art party  art party

 Have you got a little Picasso with a birthday coming up? Head to One Charming Party to download the kit for this party.

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A collection of pretty meets practical ideas to inspire a happier home

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