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Why don't you... get rid of any less than fab clothes

You know the ones I mean. The I-wish-they-still-fit jeans, the seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-the-time top, the you’ll-totally-be-able-to-wear-it-again bridesmaid dress, the bumps-in-all-the-wrong-places bra.

Not only are they taking up precious wardrobe real estate, they make you feel bad – and who needs that? They make you feel guilty for the money you spent on something you never wear, they make you feel terrible that you’re not that size any more, they make you feel frumpy or uncomfortable if you do wear them.

I know when I open my closet I want it to consist of outfits that make me feel fabulous. The solution to that is not to go out and buy more fabulous clothes, it’s to get rid of anything that’s less-than-fabulous so that your wardrobe is 100% wearable.

So this weekend, why don’t you go through your wardrobe and get rid of any less-than-fab clothes?


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Underwear drawer before & after

I can’t believe I’m actually publishing this.

But I know how much you love a good organising before & after so I am putting aside all modesty (sorry Mum) and sharing my newly organised smalls drawer with you. The things we do for blogging!

It’s only a little drawer of my bedside table and it was so overflowing so badly I could barely close it. I chucked out anything that didn’t pass the ambulance test (you know how your mother always told you to wear your good undies just in case…) which immediately gave me more space but it was still a total jumble.

I took out the tights and pantyhose as they kept getting snagged on the wood (I’m bad enough causing runs with my fingernails and jewellery so I don’t need my storage to add to the problem!). They’re now being stored in a spare tote bag but I may think of another more permanent solution.

I then used one of these drawer dividers to easily separate the socks and undies – no more rummaging around to find the pair you’re looking for.

It’s the small things, right?

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I’m embarrassed to admit that it’s not uncommon for my dresser to look something like this:

clothes clean out 1

Putting away clothes has always been my organising ‘weakest link’. But I find that it becomes so much more of a challenge I avoid it like the plague as soon as there is no room to actually put things away. I certainly haven’t been on any sprees but  the gradual build up of clothes that occurs when you don’t regularly go through them meant that I literally could not fit all of my clothes away at once.

I spotted an ad for a community clothes swap at a nearby library which gave me the motivation to do a big purge. Without much effort, I quickly filled three garbage bags with unwanted clothes, shoes, jewellery and bags. Add to that a couple of binfuls of items that were too worn to donate.

clothes clean out 2

Before you say, ‘What’s the point of swapping your clothes because you’ll still end up with an overflowing closet?’ I was never intending to come home with as many items as I left with. Anything that was left over was donated to charity, which is where my unwanted clothes normally wind up anyway.

Along with the pleasure of being able to close my drawers again, I now have a new winter jacket, pretty pink dress, cute cardi, a couple of versatile basic tees, a cosy knitted jumper and even a perfect pair of jeans… all without spending a cent!

Do you have anything like this in your area? I admit it was a little odd seeing other girls looking through and talking about my clothes, but all in all I think it’s a great idea and it worked out well for me.

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organised closet organised closet

Domino via Apartment Therapy

Have you ever come home from shopping with a new item only to realise you have something almost identical already in your wardrobe?

You probably already keep your pants separate from your tops, but go one step further and organise them by sub-categories of length, occasion and colour. A quick scan before your shopping expedition will show you that, no, you really don’t need yet another purple sweater. You’ll probably find you’ll save not only wardrobe space but money too.

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