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Holey Tree - Christmas tree

Holey Tree by Lilly & Lolly

Since we’ll be away for Christmas, there will be no decorating here this year, which is a bit sad really. Instead, I’ve gone window-shopping and found the coolest Christmas trees for you!

Head over to the full round-up over on Houzz.


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Ever looked for a new desktop wallpaper and only been able to find wavy gradient designs or landscape photography?

So did Tom Watson, so he created Simple Desktops, a curated collection of fun, bold wallpapers.

Ice cream stack

Paper Plane



Eames chair

Brown Paper Packages


Head over there to get your new desktop – guaranteed gradient-free.

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Pick & Choose

Pick & Choose - photo albums
1. Paperchase goes fun and floral.  2. There’s a Kolo in every colour.  3. Edna Mae makes it easy with a ring-binder and refills.  4&5. Paper Source has something for very taste.  6. From Smiggle, the masters of cheap’n’cheerful.  7. Classic red leather from Profile8. Amazing craftsmanship, appealing colour combos and unusual imagery makes Grimm a winner.  9. Modern Australian classics by Corban & Blair.

Post-wedding and -honeymoon I’ve got photos on the brain (and the to-do list). With so many options these days, I want to know what you prefer. Do you like the couldn’t-be-easier pocket inserts, the timeless look of dry mount or the layout flexibility plus protection offered by peel & stick film?

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1. The Lefthanded Calligrapher 2&3. Betsy Dunlap 4. Grace Edmands Calligraphy 5&6. Primele

If you’d asked me a year ago what I thought about calligraphy, I would have told you that it exemplified everything I think is wrong with the majority of invitations out there. It seems to be used as a default font regardless of the style of invitation, theme of the wedding and taste of the couple, simply because it’s the done thing. Because it is sadly so often poorly conceived and executed, it was easy for me to think that it is always bad.

Until, that is, I came across some wonderful work by some inventive contemporary calligraphers. While it still won’t suit every invitation, these examples prove that when done well, hand-lettered calligraphy will elevate your envelopes from the everyday to the extra special.

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A collection of pretty meets practical ideas to inspire a happier home

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