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Maggie Austin Tiffany biscuits

Remember this amazing Tiffany-inspired cake? Check out the matching biscuits from Maggie Austin Cakes.

Delft tile biscuits

Can you believe these are biscuits not actual Delft tiles? By Whipped Bake Shop.

Pollock biscuits Childrens art custom biscuits

Or if you prefer your art a bit closer to home, have the kids experiment with Martha‘s tutorial or have Rolling Pin Productions immortalise their masterpiece in a biscuit.

What style or work of art would you like to see in biccie form?


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Lego cake and biscuits

Whose birthday did I make these for? Not a son, or a nephew… Nope, they’re for my husband. Who says 27 is too old for Lego?

Lego cake

The cake turned out much smaller and messier than I hoped (it looks like Van Gogh did the icing) but I hope you’ll agree it’s not too bad for my first attempt at doing a novelty cake.

My method, if you want to try it yourself, was to bake a plain sponge cake and trim the edges to make it square. I then used round biscuit cutters to cut the cylinders out of the cake off-cuts. I iced the plain cake, then stuck the circles on and iced them.

Lego biscuits

For the biscuits, I used my favourite only biscuit recipe, rolled out the dough and cut around a cardboard template I’d made. I am hopeless at piping, so a tube of ready-made black piping gel is my new BFF.

I think I’m still high on all the sugar and food colouring.

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If you’re single or just hate the made-up holiday that is Valentine’s Day, these snarky conversation heart biccies by Not So Humble Pie are perfect for you.

Whether you’ve got plans or it’s just another day, have a good one and I sincerely hope you do not die in a fire.

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gingerbread star tree

I mentioned in passing in this post that last Christmas I made a gingerbread tree. What I didn’t mention was that I had some, uh, engineering issues (read: it collapsed several times before getting it out the door). After stabilising it by chocking up each layer with broken biscuit pieces, it proved quite popular at The Man’s family Christmas Eve bash last year.

Having made mental notes of all the issues with the recipe, I decided it was worth another go this year. The recipe says to use two or three of the smallest stars as a spacer between each layer, which proved very unstable and also far too high. This year I only used two stars, which was somewhat better but the top still fell off a few times. I really think it only needs one star in between (in fact, I’m sure that’s the case in the photo!). I also used larger stars for the lower layers instead of the small stars as instructed, which was successful in making the base much more stable.

It’s always frustrating when you’ve followed a recipe to a T and it doesn’t work, especially as a beginner. Still, despite the problems, it all got eaten so I guess I should look at it as a success!

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Miette 1

Miette 2

I recently rediscovered these incredible wallpaper-inspired biscuits by Miette way down in the depths of my inspiration files and decided they well and truly deserved to see the light of day. The wallpaper is actually in their sweet-as-pie San Francisco store.

Miette 4

Miette 5 Miette 6

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edible lace doily in teacup

Being dexterity-challenged when it comes to icing, I was excited to discover edible lace rosettes as a super easy alternative to the fighting with a piping bag. You might have spotted them in the cake buffet last week, but did you know they can also be added to tea or coffee? They last a couple of minutes before dissolving, leaving a nice sweet taste.

edible lace biscuits

Next time you’re having friends over for afternoon tea, pop an edible doily in the tea or on top of a store-bought biccie to up the ‘special’ factor with no fuss.

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