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New house ideas

No surprises that I’ve been pinning like mad since December when we signed the contract for our new home.

Like the announcement, I wanted to keep everything hush-hush until it was all 100% sorted. But I just realised my epic pinboard was still set to ‘private’ – oops!

Well and truly time to remedy that so you can peek inside my brain to see how my ideas for the new house are forming. Make yourself a coffee and go over and browse my inspiration so far on Pinterest. Go on, I’ll wait.


Back? Good! Tell me, what did you think?

In some ways it’s quite a departure from my normal design tendencies. There is a lot of white and other light wall colours (mostly very pale grey) instead of being drawn to my usual bold palette.

Certainly it’s partly due to age – we were in our early twenties when we bought our first home so it was a fun, colourful house for a young couple, whereas I feel like this is our ‘grown up’ house.

I think also at the time I had a boring job and wanted a stimulating environment at home. Six years on, I have more than enough stimulation in my day so I now find myself craving calmness and simplicity. (Self-diagnosing psychology through Pinterest – who would have thought!)

Some things definitely haven’t changed though. Overall my style is still a mix of old meets new, with a heavy mid-century influence, graphic patterns, industrial touches and pops of colour.

Either way, you can definitely see clear themes emerging, which is what’s so great about the process of creating moodboards.

My goal with this house is to have it all flow and work together, instead of the dog’s breakfast of a colour palette we had in the townhouse. Consistent flooring and a whole house colour palette is at the top of the list.

That said, I do have the irrepressible urge to paint a couple of the rooms in really bold shades, but I’m leaning towards neutrals rather than brights (greys or even black). I still want it to be playful and colourful (couldn’t live without that!) but more as accents rather than competing everywhere for attention.


I do have a very clear vision for our home, but I am going to take my time and let it evolve bit-by-bit.

This is the first time I’ve planned a whole house scheme at once. Have you ever done this or do you take more of a take-each-room-as-it-comes approach?

And how has your style or approach evolved over the years?


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cloche centrepiece

I’d recently been suffering a case of the decorating blahs.

There are only so many times you can rearrange the same ol’ pieces after all, so I’m delighted to be working with Target to freshen up my decor for the new season.

cloche centrepiece close-up

It was time to send the hurricane lamp to the bench for a break and bring in a new player for the dining table centrepiece.

I’d been wanting to try out a cloche for ages, but they were always too boring, or too formal or too expensive, so I was pleased to find this quirky one with a metal base. At the moment it is housing a stunning faux giant peony from Lotus Flowers but I can imagine it will be a really versatile piece that I’ll be able to change up with the seasons and holidays.

Flowers are the ultimate decorating accessory, of course, so I paired it with some supermarket tulips for a really fresh, happy centrepiece.

frame vignette

I picked up this sweet artwork by Peach Patrol a few weeks ago at a market and it had been sitting waiting for the perfect frame. I’ve bought frames like these from Target before and I keep coming back to them as the double mat gives it a way higher-end look than the nine bucks they cost!

laundry shelves

laundry shelves close-up

I then turned my attention to the laundry. I am terrible at keeping indoor plants alive so it makes sense for me to go faux. There was a great selection but I ultimately decided on this cracked glaze potted succulent. I think it’s rather charming!

I also spotted this cute gardening tool kit (green! in a tin!) and knew it would be the perfect practical accessory for the laundry shelving, which is adjacent to the door into the courtyard. (Sorry, I can’t find the link online but check your local store.)

So there you have it! A mini freshen up of our downstairs was just the thing to get me out of my decorating funk.

How about you? What have you been tweaking at home lately?

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Adore via Decor8
Adore Home via Decor8

While we do love our little home, let’s be honest: it’s not our dream house.

For the most part it suits our needs, but there are some less-than-ideal aspects, such as the lack of space for my growing business, the closed-off kitchen and the transition spaces that are so tiny they can only accommodate one person at a time. (Seriously, sometimes it feels as if we live in one of those puzzles where you can only move one piece at a time.)

Made By Girl kitchen on AT
Made By Girl’s kitchen on Apartment Therapy

Our next home is likely to be a ‘stepping-stone’ house so our dream home is still some years away, but in true Type A style I already have it planned out (to a scary level of detail) in my head.

Architectural details, dark timber floorboards, open-plan kitchen/living, backyard studio, a garden – sigh!

Emily Henderson
Emily Henderson (photo by Lauren Pieri)

Aesthetics aside, what I’m mostly looking forward to about our eventual home upgrade is to do with family and lifestyle: being able to host parties without people falling over each other, accommodating overnight guests and having space for a family and pets. Basically, a larger house and land to give us room to grow.

Jess Lively bookshelf
Jess Lively

Til then, I will have to be content with browsing my favourite inspiration sources such as magazines Real Living and Adore and blogs like Design*Sponge, Young House Love and Making It Lovely (to name but a few!). And of course, keeping all my dream home ideas on Pinterest.

Jessica & Christopher's home on Design Sponge
Jessica McKay & Christopher Van Buskirk’s home on Design*Sponge

How about you: are you dreaming of your forever home or are you lucky enough to be living in it?

And would you like to buy a land package and create the perfect home from scratch or would you prefer to make an existing home your own?

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Holey Tree - Christmas tree

Holey Tree by Lilly & Lolly

Since we’ll be away for Christmas, there will be no decorating here this year, which is a bit sad really. Instead, I’ve gone window-shopping and found the coolest Christmas trees for you!

Head over to the full round-up over on Houzz.

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Andrea Smith print via Hardtofind.

I had so much fun virtual shopping for this month’s guest post on Houzz. It’s all about brightening up your home for spring with affordable accessories.

Read it now!

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outdoor tiki torch

Spring is finally here, hurrah! We’ve had great delight in throwing open the doors and windows for the first time in months.

With that in mind, this month’s guest post on Houzz is all about sprucing up your garden.

Read the post here.

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Do you have a decorating project that has you completely stumped? You’ve saved up a bit of money for new furniture but are finding yourself overwhelmed at where to start?

Out of Milk Design Studio wants to help you!

Up and coming interior designer Meg Wilson is launching her business Out of Milk andwants to bulid her portfolio with real-world projects. She’s looking to work with Adelaide-based clients who want a single room makeover and have an appreciation for the re-use of materials.

Keen? Get in touch with Meg… and if you’re one of the lucky ones to be chosen you’ll have to promise to drop us some before & after photos!

I haven’t been paid to write this post – nor any other post you see on Atypial Type A. I came across Out of Milk the other day and genuinely love what Meg is doing and wanted to do what I can do support other local indie creative businesses.

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foiled lined paint tray

Painting’s not so bad, it’s the clean-up that’s annoying, right? Well, not any more if you use this nifty trick of lining your paint roller tray with alfoil.

See this and other clever painting hacks at Martha Stewart.

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ceiling medallion wreath

There are so many beautiful and creative wreaths out there these days, either made by a crafty pro for you to buy or tutorials for you to make yourself. But as much as I love them, after a while it becomes a sea of twigs, wool and felt. Which is why I stopped in my tracks when I came across this truly unique idea (albeit featuring an ugly ribbon).

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To be honest I’ve never given a second thought to Christmas stockings, but these unique stockings made from sewing patterns are enough to make me wish I had a mantlepiece.

On the other hand (foot?) if Santa has long since forgotten about you and you don’t actually need stockings anymore, how about getting a bit more abstract awesome and opt for vintage wooden sock lasts?

Both from Country Living.

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A collection of pretty meets practical ideas to inspire a happier home

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