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I love my little office, I do. But without a proper system, the mountain of papers associated with running a business was beginning to get out of control. Let’s face it: digging through an ever-growing pile on your desktop every time you need that one piece of paper is not a recipe for productivity.

So began the hunt for a suitable file sorter, which, as with many of my searches, proved much more difficult than anticipated. Honestly, who would have thought that a plain white file sorter would have been so rare and expensive? But joy of joys I finally found one at an online office retailer. At about $70 (yes, seriously) it was pricier than I hoped, but it was the perfect thing. Until they called me and said it doesn’t come in white anymore, and would I like it in poo colour instead? 

file organiser before

Sensing I was out of options, I said, ‘Yes! I would love to order your expensive and ugly goods.’ After eleventy billion (OK, maybe closer to seven) coats of white spray paint, I have exactly what I wanted. If anyone is interested, it houses (from top to bottom): quote requests, job bags, jobs in progress, invoices, business stuff (marketing, wholesaling, product development etc) and printer paper.

To refresh your memory, here is the same corner before. Sure, it doesn’t look as cute when you compare the two here, but remember you’re not seeing the enormous tower of paperwork. You may have noticed the letterpressed song lyrics have been moved to the gallery wall

desk corner before

We’ve also made another change that the room has been crying out for since day one. I didn’t feel I could justify the cost of a good quality (and good looking, of course) chair, so I was resolved to making do with our crappy office chair. That is, until The Man said, ‘You spend so much time on that horrible thing and it’s not good for your back. Let’s get you a really good one. Eames is on sale at Milan Direct.’ {blink} Yes, folks, that would be my husband not just agreeing to a purchase of designer furniture, but actually initiating it.

office chair new & old

Isn’t it just the sexiest chair ever? I love how much brighter and sleeker it makes the space feel and it is so comfy that I haven’t had a tense back since.

With my paperwork in order and my I’m The Boss chair, I feel so much more in control. What tweaks have you done that have made you feel instantly more on top of things?


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