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Office makeover

Besides the kitchen, the upstairs office was the first room I tackled after we moved in two months ago (has it really been that long?).

As I showed in this post, I painted, painted and then painted some more to cover up all the wood panelling and light brown walls. I also ripped up the carpets to reveal the (pine?)  floorboards.

Office makeover

They were not in great condition so they were the perfect candidate for my plan: to paint them.

Office makeover

To prep the surface I puttied up the holes from where the carpet tacking was nailed in. I also filled in any major knot holes – I still very much wanted to retain the texture of timber so I only filled in holes that met my (very technical) criteria of ‘would I catch my socks on this?’.

Office makeover

We’ll definitely hire a special upright floor sander when we (eventually) do the floorboards downstairs. But for this smallish room where imperfections were being covered with paint I made do with a handheld sheet sander.

I gave it a thorough vacuum and mop to ensure the surface was completely dust-free.

Office makeover

I used Feast Watson’s Floor Paint which is specifically designed for that purpose so it’s hardwearing and scuff-resistant. It’s water-based so the cleanup couldn’t have been easier.

Office makeover

I poured the paint into a rolling tray and used the broom-like applicator with wool ‘sock’. The thick paint makes it feel like it’s dragging a little but once you get used to that it was really easy.

Office makeover

To achieve a seamless finish I tried to keep a wet edge… except where doing so would literally paint me into a corner. So I did the right of the room, then the left, then the centre, backing towards the door.

Office makeover

The coverage was excellent (the shots above are after just one coat) but I was after a totally opaque look so ended up doing a total of four coats. Each coat only took around 15 minutes though so it was no drama.

I finished off with a brush to do the cutting in and to paint any depressions that the applicator missed.

Office makeover

And here it is now!

Office makeover

Sadly it doesn’t show up in the photos (especially because my good lens is in for repairs so I’m using my old kit lens) but in real life you can see the planks and the timber texture.

Office makeover

Just LOOK at that sunlight streaming in! I always knew this room was going to have fab natural light but it needed some brighter surfaces to make the most of it.

Office makeover

I haven’t bought a single new item for this room. You’ll recognise the furniture from my old office, the Urban Outfitters rug was used for Akimbo‘s market stalls and the ladder-style shelf was in our former bathroom.

Office makeover

Meanwhile our old bar cart becomes a nifty craft cart.

Office makeover

I’m so excited to have an office again after months of working from the dining table, let alone one with a view!

Office makeover Office makeover

Some art waiting to be hung, amongst other finishing touches required.

Office before & after

Just a slight difference from eight weeks ago.

Product was generously supplied by Feast Watson. Opinions are my own.



This post was originally slated to appear as part of Janice’s series of three guest posts while I was overseas. Unfortunately, however, life happened and Janice fell ill so we were unable to schedule it as planned. It’s too good not to share, so here it is!

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Two of my favourite things about the internet: meeting lovely likeminded people and awesome creative tools like Pinterest. Today’s guest post combines the two, as my blog buddy Janice Bear shows us the real side of Pinterest-inspired projects with, uh, varying degrees of success. – Alicia

Hello again Atypical darlings! It has been a bit since we last talked, but I have one last pinned project to share with you before dear Alicia returns from summer vacation.

I turned my focus once again to my downstairs powder room. This time, instead of covering the walls with paint I covered the floor with rags. Sort of.

I recently read Waste and Want: A Social History of Trash, detailing the change in social mindset from “reuse” to “throw out,” and have since been dying to try my hand at a rag rug. I had previously pinned four different rag rug-esque tutorials so I let me Emily girl choose the final DIY.

Braided rag rug tutorial via Moda Bake Shop

I made some changes right off the bat. First, I didn’t buy any “honey buns” of quilting fabric. I’m sure my final rug would have looked a lot better if I had, but I just couldn’t find the sense buying something new when I had so many scraps lying about.  I’m not actually sure how long a jelly roll is, nor do I know how many strips of fabric one can get from a four-yard cut. Here’s what I do know. I used a total of 107.3 yards (96.5 meters) of 1.5-inch (3.81 cm) fabric strips. Some strips are from old t-shirts, the lightest grey is an acetate-based lining fabric, a fair bit comes from a curtain valance, and a pair of silk trousers made their way into my rug as well.

If I could do it all over again, I think I’d stick with the cotton jersey (t-shirt) scraps. They don’t fray and they make for much neater braids.

Here’s where I made another change. Instead of cutting all my strips, then braiding, then spiraling, I sort of did it all at once. Vanessa’s tutorial is really well done, but it left me in the dark when it came to corresponding braid length to rug circumference. I was going for an ombre effect and I didn’t want my color sections to be too wide or too narrow. In the end, I think my white section is much too wide (10in/25.4cm) and my darkest grey far too narrow (.25in/.63cm), but I’m going to blame that on the nature of crafting.

To make a long story short; I cut strips, I joined strips, I braided, I rolled, and I sewed. Repeat. I really recommend joining your fabric strips the way Vanessa demonstrates in her tutorial. Her way is so much better than just using a square knot.

Oh, I also had a lot of help.

And a fair amount of beta testing.

In the end, I had an acceptable rag rug. Not lovely, but acceptable.

But, of course, there was a problem. The rug, designed to math my (unfinished) bathroom, doesn’t work in the intended space. It is too big to fit in front of the toilet, and obstructs the door if laid in front of the vanity. I suppose it would work as a kitty mat, though… In all, I declare this pin plausible for all skill levels, and one that will improve with practice.

The End

It seems as though I just said “hello,” and I must already say goodbye. For now, anyway.  Thank you all for suffering my dribble for the past several weeks. I have very much enjoyed being here, but I will be delighted to soon be reading sweet Alicia’s posts once again. If, however, you miss me, feel free to stop by the blog or my many, many pinboards.

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About the guest poster:

I’m just a girl with glitter in my veins, a song in my heart, and hot shoes on my mind. When I grow up I want to be just like Mr. Floyd, the crossing guard at my daughter’s school – always smiling, often biking, and loved by so very many. Sometimes I remember to blog about life, but sometimes I’m too busy living. Catch me when you can at Never a Plain Jane.

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Queen's head stamp rug
Stamp rug by Isabel Ballardie Interiors

Today is a holiday for the Queen’s Birthday here so I’m taking the day off (although working the rest of the weekend so it’s not much of a long weekend!). I’m looking forward to working on a couple of blog projects, seeing family and reintroducing myself to The Man who has been AWOL working 14 hour days lately.

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IHeartOrganizing laundry before & after

I’m always inspired by Jen of I Heart Organizing, but never more so than at the moment because my house is in such an atrocious state.

This makeover proves you don’t have to replace everything to make a big difference: just look at what a coat of paint, updated flooring and a few well-chosen accessories can do!

(Also? I was dying to show you this fab rug. I had come across it earlier and decided that it was my dream rug. Seeing Jen’s laundry confirmed that it is, in fact, the most awesome rug I have ever seen. Unfortunately Mr-Remember-I-Have-Veto-Rights started to make vomit noises at my suggestion. The search continues…)

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