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Before we get into today’s gift roundup, I must announce the winner of last week’s Target gift card giveaway.

Your entries for the worst gift ever had me in tears of laughter! But there can only be one winner, and I couldn’t go past the misfortune of Crystal who said this:

“My worst gift is easy. One year my grandma bought me a three pack of hankies (in a box). They were a bit wrinkled, and upon opening, found one was used. UGH. Worst regift ever.”

Eww! Congratulations, Crystal! I will email you for details on your prize. Oh, and I’m sure no one would hold it against you if you used it to buy a present for yourself 😉


We had gift ideas for the ladies last week and now it’s the fellas’ turn. Here are 30 gift ideas under $30 for your boyfriend/husband, brother and dad.

30 under $30 Target gift ideas for men

1. Wine rack  2. Stemless wine glasses  3. Cookbook  4. Knife  5. Slate cheese board  6. Umbrella  7. Scarf  8. Satchel  9. Shoes  10. Belt  11. Beach chair  12. Beach towel  13. Board shorts  14. Cooler  15. iPod dock & accessory kit

30 under $30 Target gift ideas for men

16. Cookbook  17. Chopping board  18. Creme brulee kit  19. Dinner set  20. Pot plant  21. Storage containers  22. Cushion  23. Flat cap  24. Watch  25. Tie  26. Suspenders  27. Book  28. iPad cover  29. Trunks  30. Video game


I have a $30 Target gift card to give away to one lucky reader. Simply leave a comment and ‘fess up to the worst present you’ve ever given and the best answer will win!

Competition closes midnight Monday 2nd December and winner will be announced on Wednesday 4th December. Sorry, open to Australian residents only.


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gift card wrapping ideas
Gift card wrapping idea by So Shelli

I love choosing gifts for loved ones. But it can be tricky if your recipient:

  • struggles with clutter
  • has expressed desire to unclutter
  • lives far away from you
  • lives in a small space
  • is in a temporary living situation (eg dorm)
  • is moving soon or moves frequently
  • says they don’t need/want presents
  • is a person who ‘has everything’

I’ve had to buy for people in all of these situations (and am in a couple of them myself) so I thought I’d do a roundup of some no-clutter gift ideas to follow up from yesterday’s worst clutter gifts post.


Who wouldn’t want to be gifted a special night out?

  • Concerts
  • Movies
  • Theatre
  • Art exhibitions


Experiences make wonderful and memorable gifts. Great for kids who have more than enough toys!

  • Zoo trip
  • Golf session
  • Travel voucher
  • Wine tasting


A great option but you’ll have to be sure it’s something the recipient is interested in and that they have time for it.


Services can be some of the best uncluttered gifts. Choose from me-time treats or time-saving practical options, depending on what your recipient would appreciate most.

  • Hairdressing
  • Manicure / pedicure
  • Massage
  • House cleaning
  • Car washing


A homemade voucher is an especially good gift for new parents or if you are on a tight budget. I provided some meals to my friend after the birth of her first baby last year and she’s still talking about it as one of the most appreciated gifts.

  • Homemade meal
  • Babysitting
  • House cleaning
  • Car washing
  • Preparing taxes
  • House painting
  • Gardening


An oldie but a goodie. Make sure they’re nicer than your normal plonk or biccies they would buy for themselves.

  • Wine
  • Spirits
  • Chocolates / sweets
  • Chutneys / jams / sauces

Digital media

Books, music and movies used to be some of the worst clutter offenders. Not anymore!

Charitable donation

A particularly good option if your recipient is known for their social conscience, is a bit older and ‘has everything’ or is experiencing a bereavement (as an alternative to flowers). The ones where you can sign up for a particular thing are good – a pair of slippers wouldn’t have meant much to my auntie but she was chuffed knowing that someone had been given the gift of sight in her name. Select a charity that resonates with the interests of your loved one. Here are a few:

Gift cards / cash

Obviously they could end up buying something ‘cluttery’ with it but the choice is theirs.

Tangible gifts

If you’re like me and prefer giving tangible gifts, there are still ways to keep it uncluttered.

  • To replace something else if you think they would appreciate it (eg a new lamp to replace a broken one, bonus points if it’s a versatile item that can replace more than one thing)
  • Something they need and would buy anyway, such as clothes (consider making it better quality than they would buy for themselves so it still feels special)
  • Something that will help get them organised (eg labels, scanner, calendar)
  • Chip in with others to purchase one more substantial or better quality item (give the newlyweds one kick-arse coffee machine instead of 20 platters)
  • Flowers!

So, what do you think? Anything you’d add to the list?

What are your favourite uncluttered gifts to give and receive?

P.S. Happy birthday to The Man!! The last year of our twenties and I’m sure it’ll be a good one. xxoo

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I’m not a fan of giving money as gifts, but sometimes I know it’s what the recipient really wants so I’ll relent.

Honestly I feel a bit ripped off if I don’t get the chance to select a thoughtful gift and wrap it beautifully. This fun idea from the gorgeous Eden at Sugar & Charm at least takes care of the second part of that.

Head over there to see her tips.

Australian readers should note that the polymer notes won’t roll nicely like the paper bills so try using ribbons or small elastics to tie them up. It also could get expensive here where the smallest note is $5!

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Nobody puts baby in a corner print

I was thinking about my friend the other day in the lead-up to her birthday and recalled when we watched Dirty Dancing together (my first time, can you believe it?).

I decided to immortalise the famous line in a fun new print for her. Said friend is also going through a bit of upheaval in her life at the moment so I also like the message that it’s her time to shine!

A bit more obscure, but this other iconic line from the movie will instantly be recognised by fellow fans when it’s hanging on your wall.

You can pick up up yours over on my Etsy shop:
I carried a watermelon print in medium or large
Nobody puts Baby in a corner print in medium or large

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Around here it’s definitely been perfect weather for curling up on the couch in front of the fire doing some knitting.

Not that I have a fire. Or knit.

But if you’ve been whipping up a storm of crafty gifts, you’ll love these tags:

Amy is the Party free handmade tags

Amy is the Party

A Fanciful Twist free handmade tags

A Fanciful Twist

Sew Mama Sew free handmade tags

Sew Mama Sew

What crafty gifts have you been making lately?

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Handmade Weddings fabric wrapping
Handmade Weddings

We can’t talk birthdays all month and not mention gift wrapping, now can we? Here are some gorgeous ideas to inspire you.

Lora Jeans
Lora Jean’s Magazine

Making It Lovely wrapping
Making It Lovely

Purl wrapping
Pikku via Papercrave

Oh Hello Friend wrapping
Oh Hello Friend

Martha Stewart map wrapping Martha Stewart pink yarn wrapping
Martha Stewart

Oh Joy flower wrapping
Oh Joy

Tokketok confetti wrapping

Which is your favourite?

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Pick & Choose

Pick & Choose - wrapping paper

1. Love Mae 2. Elum Paper 3. Vera Bradley 4. Paper Source 5. Hello Lucky

I love funky wrapping paper but gosh it can be hard to find locally. Paper Source gets my pick for their beautiful and sometimes quirky patterns and bonus points awarded for their worldwide shipping.

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A collection of pretty meets practical ideas to inspire a happier home

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