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I’m off galivanting around the world for a few weeks so I have lined up some some talented ladies to hold the fort while I’m gone. Hope you enjoy!

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Over my way, kids are more likely to be having a game of backyard cricket after Christmas lunch than building a snowman. So while I can’t speak from experience, I can say that this budget-friendly gift idea by Grace at Sense and Simplicity looks like a whole lot of fun. In fact, it’s rather getting me excited about seeing snow in Europe next week!

Anyone else struggle with thinking of what to give preteens and teenagers for Christmas? I have a slew of nieces and nephews ranging in age from 9 to 15 years and I wanted to give them each a Christmas gift. I needed to think of something that would interest a variety of ages, was gender neutral… and didn’t cost a fortune.

I decided to make them each a snowman lab in a box. I thought it might appeal to their sweet tooth/teeth and their funny bones.

Let’s see all the snowman parts:

I boxed all the snowman parts up, tied the box with some wool (my favourite thing to tie around packages), and added a tag.

Doesn’t that seem like something teens and pre-teens would like? What are you giving to children that age on your Christmas list?

– Grace

P.S. Thanks Alicia for posting my snowman parts on your very stylish and creative blog (and allowing me to say ‘poop’).  It was a complete honour to be included in your guest post line-up.

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About the guest poster:

Grace lives near Toronto and is a speech-language pathologist by day and a design-loving Mom of three by night. In her blog, Sense and Simplicity, she shares her love of decorating, family, photography, food, and travel.

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L&J engagement party 08

My brother Liam and his gorgeous fiancée Jane recently celebrated their engagement with a party at our parents’ house. They held it on Easter Sunday so they went with a chocolate and Autumn theme.

Liam & Jane's engagement invitation 1

L&J engagement party 01

L&J engagement party 02

We reused some of the paper lanterns from our engagement party. I love the canopy of Autumn leaves.

L&J engagement party 04

Can you imagine my surprise when my brother (who is much more likely to be found rockclimbing than perusing wedding blogs) called to ask for advice about decorations, and he’s rattling off terms like ‘apothecary jars’, ‘lolly buffet’ and ‘photo booth’? *Sniff* so proud. Anyway, tTo tie in with the Easter theme, they had organised a chocolate buffet. My LORD was there ever a lot of chocolate!

L&J engagement party 07

L&J engagement party 10

I designed this cake to match the invitations, but as you can see they’ve used green instead of mustard yellow and I think the shape placement is a bit inelegant. I was hoping to credit the baker, but I was quite disappointed at how it turned out so I don’t want to name them when they’re normally really highly regarded. That being said, I think I’m the only one who noticed that and besides, it was extremely tasty!

Bark vase 1

Bark vase 2

How lush and beautiful is my Mum’s garden?

L&J engagement party 11

The photo booth was a hit! Here are some snaps:

L&J photo booth 1
The Man & I

L&J photo booth 3
Jane & Liam

L&J photo booth 4
Jane and her sister (centre), her friend on the left and me on the right

L&J photo booth 5
Meet my Mum & Dad

(If this blog isn’t around tomorrow it’s because my parents have killed me for posting a photo of them on the internet.)

Congratulations, Liam & Jane, and thanks for giving me the opportunity do what I love best: designing invitations, planning parties, making craft projects and drinking wine in the middle of the afternoon.

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Pick & Choose
Ledlux contemporary pendant lighting
Check out my latest Ideabook on Houzz. It’s a roundup of pendant lights for every room and style.
Something may have even found its way onto my shopping list in the process, I’ll let you know how it goes…

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Do you love the look of gallery walls but can’t work out how to perfect the layout other than hammering away and hoping for the best?

gallery wall on floor

Just lay out the frames flat on the floor, starting with the largest item and working your way out, and tweak the arrangement until it’s pleasing to your eye. Then hang them one by one, remembering to hammer in each hook at the correct distance from the top of the frame.

entry gallery wall

If you’ve got a huge collection to arrange, you can take it one step further by cutting out pieces of butcher paper the size of each frame and arranging them with blu-tack until you’re happy with it. Then hang each piece, removing the corresponding paper before doing so.

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