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warehouse before

This type of renovation is not for the faint hearted, but is it ever worth it for gobsmacking results like this:

warehouse after

See the rest of the home and read the owner’s story over on Design*Sponge.

Side note: I am trying to explain to The Man about the difference between good exposed brick and bad exposed brick. Ryan, this is most definitely the good kind.


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laundry after1   laundry update

One thing that’s always bothered me about our laundry is the gross, cloudy window film. I first attempted its removal a year or two ago – completely unsuccessfully – by trying to peel or scrape off the film wtih a metal paint scraper. But boy, was it stuck on good (I suspect it has been on there since the block was built in 1973). But after recently switching to some snazzy new tapware, my desire to remove the window film was reinvigorated.

By the way, I’ve got nothing against a good frosted window, but this wasn’t a frosting film, it was a tinted film that had gone cloudy and patchy. Here it is up close:

laundry window before 2

You can also see evidence of the problem with window screens: people, or at least I, don’t clean what’s hidden beyond the screen. Eww. We never really open that window (if we want some fresh air we’ll just open the back door) so there wasn’t any need to keep the flyscreen. A crusty security sticker that’s quite obviously thirty years old is long past its effectiveness as a burglary deterrant, so I was happy to get rid of that too.

After some research (thank you, Google) I found that ammonia was consistently recommended as a way to remove window film. I poured some into a sprayer bottle, applied to the window, left it a while to soak in. When I returned with the scraper, exactly the same thing happened as in my earlier attempt. That is, nothing. I couldn’t so much as chip off a corner. I applied more ammonia, this time covering it with cling wrap in an attempt to have it soak in rather than simply run down the window. Again, nada. I walked away and sulked tried to think of a plan C. Then The Man strolls in with his annoying handy habit of trying everything until something works, which was: what I was doing + some manly biceps = success! In the end, all it required was a bit of force behind the paint scraper to get the sodding stuff off once and for all.

laundry window before

laundry window after

Pity about the view of the neighbour’s washing. But overall it’s great, it lets so much more light in and looks so much cleaner and fresher.

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