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I’ve already shown you my newly-organised underwear drawer so why not keep on with the intimate drawer trend?

The top drawer of my bedside table had become a bit of a catch-all. Over the years it had attracted enough hand lotion for a (well-groomed) army, two unused alarm clocks, notebooks, pens, batteries, half a dozen sets of earplugs, miscellaneous medications and other paraphernalia.

Five minutes later I had cleaned out the junk and was left with only what should be there. Namely: my epilator, phone charger, sleeping mask, earplugs, morning tablets, a single bottle of hand lotion, chapstick, aircon remote and body lotion. You will also notice I wasn’t kidding in this post when I referred to my lifetime supply of perfume.

You can’t beat a quick and easy drawer makeover for some organising instant gratification.

Which drawer in your house has you cringing at the clutter whenever you open it?


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This post was sponsored by Target.

Target organising essentials

Yikes. My ‘system’ of storing accessories consisted of shoving them in tote bags and piling them in the corner of my closet. Finding the one belt/scarf/hat that I was looking for meant dumping the bags on the bed and rummaging through to locate the one elusive item.

It also meant I wasn’t taking good care of my things: belt buckles and knitted scarves do not mix well.

Enough was enough!

Target organising essentials

I dumped everything out for one last time and sorted them into piles of like-with-like and then got to organising them with some nifty storage picked up at the Target stocktake sale.

Target organising essentials

First I tackled the belts. I hardly even wore belts, not because I don’t like to but because it was just too inconvenient to get them out of the closet.

Target organising essentials

No longer! This $3 belt rack will have me accessorising like a star.

Target organising essentials

I then moved on to the hats.

Target organising essentials

I installed this fun arrow hook and hung two bags from it: one for summer hats and the other for winter hats and beanies. Too easy.

Target organising essentials

Finally, I needed to do something about my scarves. I installed this sweet bird rack on the back of our bedroom door – perfect!

Target organising essentials

Aaaah. Sanity restored for less than 20 bucks.

What’s the biggest storage problem in your bedroom?

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This post is sponsored by Target.

handbag before

Um, yes, so this attractive display is my seen-better-days handbag and its contents in all their glory.

It was a bit of a lucky dip. You might find ten pens/lipsticks/hairties or you might find none! Plus tissues (used? unused? can’t tell), earrings, loose change, shopping lists on scraps of paper, receipts from a year ago…

Yikes, no wonder I couldn’t find anything in there.

I had been wanting to replace a couple of my existing handbags – including the one above – because they were totally worn out (it doesn’t look that bad in the pic but trust me, it was looking very daggy in the flesh leather vinyl).

handbag organiser

What I didn’t want was for it to end up in the same mess, so I went and picked up a nifty handbag organiser from the storage department at Target. I also picked out this gorgeous red handbag (totally loving their range of women’s accessories that are on sale right now).

It’s a bit hard to see inside the depths of the black organiser, so here’s what’s in there now:

handbag contents

A few changes I made to keep things neat:

  • I switched the loose tissues for a packet (no more scrunched-up questionable looking new tissues).
  • I use a notebook to list errands to run / things to buy and tear out the page when I’m done (paper scraps be gone!).
  • I’ve since started using this so I only need to carry a tiny stash of emergency lady things (can’t believe I’m sharing this on the internet).
  • I’ve been better about taking out receipts (and either discarding them or saving a photo of it to Evernote).

Apart from keeping everything compartmentalised, the other obvious benefit is being able to simply plonk the insert into another handbag. Because I am way too lazy to transfer all of my daily essentials between bags for the sake of fashion.

handbag after

The bag itself is super roomy; I’ve even thrown my camera in there when I didn’t want to take my whole camera bag. Plus I’ve had heaps of compliments on it which is a bonus!

What are your tips for an organised handbag?

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Atypical Type A on Feedly

I don’t normally post on the weekend but I just wanted to pop in quickly to tell you something.

If you haven’t already heard, Google Reader is being phased out so if you (like me) use it to keep up with all your fave blogs, you’ll need to find an alternative. I signed up for Feedly this week and am LOVING it. Its beautiful and intuitive interface leaves Reader looking really daggy and clunky. I’ve also heard good things about Bloglovin’.

With that in mind, I thought I’d give you an update on how you can subscribe to Atypical Type A.

Subscribe with Bloglovin

Subscribe by RSS

Subscribe by email (or use the sign-up box in the sidebar)

Anything that I’ve forgotten that you’d like me to provide the link for?

What’s your favourite method or app for reading blogs?

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Tea & coffee station

About this time last year, we installed a small rack in an awkward, unused corner of the kitchen to form a tea & coffee station.

It has been working quite well, but it still meant I had to go to various drawers, shelves and cupboards for some of the essentials like teaspoons, mugs and sugar. Actually, the term ‘station’ was probably a bit of an overstatement now that I think about it.

I didn’t want all these little things cluttering up the kitchen benchtop and having to move them to wipe up every day. What I needed was a tray (“You’ll need a tray!”).

Tea & coffee station

Turns out I had the perfect thing already under my nose, in the form of this adorable strawberry crate that I bought for this shoot. There’s lots of red and a bit of green in the kitchen already, plus I’ve been wanting to add some natural textures to soften the stark whiteness so it couldn’t have worked out better!

I already had the mason jar, sugar dish, milk jug, mugs and hooks (the latter I borrowed from the spice rack) so it was a totally free project. Gotta love that!

Tea & coffee station

We only use the milk jug and sugar for guests now (I’ve succeeded in one of my 2013 goals to eliminate sugar from my coffee – go me!) but I still wanted to have that all in the same place too. When we entertain I can now just remove the kettle, add some teacups and take the whole tray into the lounge.

I love how streamlined the process is now. Sure, it only saves a few seconds, but instead of needlessly fussing about getting out my coffee making things, I can do something more useful like put away last night’s clean dishes or open some mail.

The only thing I haven’t managed to find a solution for is the teabags. They’re currently in a divided box in the pantry – it’s too large to fit here as is, and I quite like how it separates the flavours so I’m not sure what I will do about that yet.

Tell us: how do you store your hot drink essentials? Convenient and out in the open or neatly tucked out of sight?

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Better Homes & Gardens

Hang a shower caddy on an unused spot behind a door or on the side of a bookcase to create extra space for those stationery odds and ends that always get lost in drawers.

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glass cupboard before    glass cupboard after

The cupboard where we keep the glassware in our kitchen is a decent height but had only one shelf, resulting in oodles of wasted space. I popped over to the hardware store (a minute’s walk away – gotta love that!) and had them cut a piece of laminated shelf to size which I then installed within literally five minutes.

You might notice the new crisp white shelf doesn’t match the original beige interiors, so it’s not exactly the prettiest storage ever, but I’m loving the extra functionality. Not only is it much more convenient than digging through cabinets to find the other glasses, it has also freed up loads of room where they had previously been stored. Not bad for ten dollars and ten minutes’ work.

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Canon printable CD covers

Designed by Tomoko Suzuki for Canon, these uber cool retro chic CD cases would be fantastic for your mix CDs or travel photos. Choose between the music theme or the travel theme.


Rachel from Benign Objects designed these folksy cute CD sleeves for her wedding favours and has made them available without the text for you to customise and print.

Spring Mix

Another beauty from Benign, this one just in time for you to make a Spring mix to welcome the warmer days.

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