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porch makeover

One of the things on my porch makeover must-have list was some storage. Why was it so important, you ask?

Well, because there is a never-before-photographed corner of our courtyard that looks something like this:

messy courtyard corner

Yeeeah. Nice, huh?

Our laundry is home to most of our hardware and garden gear, but sadly with no shed or garage the bulky items simply have nowhere to go and have languished in the courtyard for six years.

outdoor storage bench

They now have a neat little spot on the front porch inside the new bench.

Not the most pin-worthy storage idea, I admit, but it will mean our courtyard will no longer be a dumping ground so it wins major points with me.

Now the only question is: what do to with the awkward corner of the courtyard?


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Show & Tell

Regency ceremony program 3

I’ve had this new product line in the works for awhile so I’m pleased it’s finally seeing the light of day!

These program fans are the ideal accessory for your outdoor wedding ceremony. Not only are they practical, but they look great in photos and will make a wonderful keepsake.

Regency ceremony program

The handles are real timber with a lovely grain.

To make them super sturdy just like a real fan, my printer and I had to test a lot of different options and we finally decided on a duplexed format, that is, two sheets of heavy-weight stock stuck together. These babies don’t bend in the breeze!

Regency ceremony program 2

They’re currently only available in the Regency style as shown, but of course custom design is always available.

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Akimbo Laundromat inspiration boardImage sources: bride & groom in laundromat | invitation | cake pops | escort cards | aisle flowers | lantern columns | cake | bubbles

OK so this is probably the most unusual theme in my range of invitations, so you’ll want to be subtle in how the decor ties in. Think crisp white with aqua accents for a squeaky clean palette and add in some cotton and ribbon for texture. Bubbles, of course, are a must but you can take the idea further with fishbowl centrepieces and clusters of white paper lanterns for more subtly sudsy decor. Swirly lollipops or pinwheels that mimic the washing machine’s spin could be cute favours, especially for children. Don’t forget the clothesline – perfect for escort cards, guest book or photos. Your guests are sure to have some good clean fun.

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Today I’m pleased to announce a new feature on Aytpical Type A! As you may know, I’m a graphic designer specialising in wedding invitations. I figure some people might have seen some of my designs but were wondering how it would fit into an overall style, especially some of the more off-the-wall varieties. But don’t fret if you’re not in the market for bridal ideas, there will be plenty of themes suitable for all kinds of celebrations, not just weddings. So here’s the first of what will become a regular mood board inspired by an Akimbo invitation.

Akimbo Picnic wedding inspiration boardImage sources: bridal party | sandwiches | rings | invitationssignbouquet | pie | favours | lemonade stand

If you start breaking out in hives thinking about a traditional wedding with a stuffy formal reception, not to mention working out seating arrangements for feuding families, then a casual picnic affair could be just the ticket. Spread out some rugs and cushions and serve up individual picnic lunches in brown paper bags or baskets and send guests home with some yummy homemade jam favours. Set up an area for croquet or bocce and some cold lemonade for a post-game thirst quencher. Add some rustic charm with raw timber, handwriting and mismatched plates.

Doesn’t that sound like a fun wedding?

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