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watercolour covered books

I love a home with plenty of books, but let’s face it: they don’t always go with the decor.

With the landing bookcase I shared yesterday, I want a classic look that’s a lot more toned down than much of our home. I’m planning to enlarge and frame a black and white wedding photo to hang above it, so too many garish book spines will ruin the look.

I found these gorgeous watercolour patterns over at August Empress. I simply printed them out on my home printer, cut to size and folded around the books (if they’re books you use often, I’d suggest protecting them with clear contact).

I used (from top):
Chevron watercolour pattern
Geometric watercolour pattern
(subtle light grey so it’s hard to see in the photo)
Floral watercolour pattern

The patterns are free for personal use and there are more colours and patterns than I’ve shown here, so head over to check them out.


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skirt and bedspread

As I lay out my outfit on the bed the other day, it became obvious that I lean towards the same style when buying homewares or fashion.

I’m sure I’m not the only one, so if you’re having trouble deciding on a style for your home, visit your wardrobe for inspiration. Chances are, if you like to wear it, you’ll be happy living with it.

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Obsess & Inspire - Samantha Robinson

Every home or gift shop you walk into has dozens of vases, and they’re generally nice but after a while you start to think, meh, they’re all looking like they were churned out of the same factory.

Then an artisan like Samantha Robinson comes along and makes you sit up and take notice of ceramics again. I’m always so happy when an independent Australian artist or designer makes it big, and that’s exactly what Samantha has done, with her intricately-patterned handmade porcelain pieces being picked up by US style giant Anthropologie.

The only question is, how to choose your favourite? Is it a delicate cylinder vase that looks like a sketch on a rolled sheet of paper, the belly bowls cast from pregnant women or the summery watermelon bowls?

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Who needs a cookbook when you have this Mozi tea towel? | Cute fabric by Parasol Co. | Bone china chantarelle mushroom glowing lamp from Just Mushroom Stuff (yes, really, there’s a shop dedicated to all things mushrooms) | RJB Stone wants you to shake your ‘shrooms | Cute critters to hold your stuff crafted by Madame Cupcake | Delicate illustration print by Groundwork

I was on a roll after this morning’s earlier post so decided to keep the mushroom theme going for this week’s Obsess & Inspire. If you’re not a fan of the cartoonish stereotypical red and white polka dots style mushroom, there’s something in every style. My favourite? The gorgeous colour mix and botanical style illustration of Columian artist Groundwork‘s art print.

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I am taking some time off my regular blogging schedule during the final days before my wedding and while I’m on my honeymoon. Since you will be at home while I am having the time of my life, I have pre-posted some fun links and great guest posts to keep you entertained.

 A Pattern a Day

Designer Rachael Beresh creates patterns inspired by photographs and shares one daily on A Pattern a Day. As Rachael puts it, ‘Everything looks better in repeat.’ Couldn’t agree more.

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Atypical Type A - Obsess & Inspire Oh Joy wallpaper

First it was Orla Kiely, then Amy Butler, now it’s Joy Deangdeelert Cho of Oh Joy! adding another feather to her hat with a new wallpaper collection with Hygge and West. I adore the Joy’s signature print Petal Pusher (pictured at top).

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Pick & Choose

It’s T minus one month here at wedding central which means it’s time to get into the nitty gritty stage of planning, like the ring “pillow” I whipped up (inverted commas because I’m using that term loosely). This innocent sounding item is in fact worst offender for the it’s-a-wedding-so-of-course-you-want-white-satin-and-lace mentality. Happily (and thanks largely to Etsy) there are now some beautiful and original alternatives to fit your style.

Atypical Type A - ring pillows

1. Pink Frosting  2. Soul’s Bliss  3. Floral Designs by Lee  4. Paloma’s Nest  5. Estilo Weddings  6. Bragging Bags  7. Bean Sprout  8. Eleen  9. Giggle Room  10. Dear Jes

The elegant ceramic dish from Paloma’s Nest wins my vote this week because it won’t leave you wondering after the wedding, “What on earth am I going to do with this?”. It will easily transition to being a stylish and understated keepsake in your family home.

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Let’s keep things simple today with a makeover that’s so easy you may even have everything you need already at home.

You will need:

  • manila folders
  • pretty wrapping paper
  • scalpel
  • double-sided tape or spray adhesive

Trim the back of the manila folder that sticks out the top, leaving a tab. I staggered the tabs across each of the four folders so I can see all of them at once, but you may prefer to keep them all in the same position. Attach the paper to the front of the folder using double-sided tape or spray adhesive. Flip over and trim the excess paper.

Too easy! It’s so cheap and quick that you can update them whenever you redecorate your office.

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“Yes, of course I will marry you!” (Wipes tears away) “Now, about our invitations…”

OK so that is a bit of an exaggeration (love you, babe!) but from the outset I knew that designing our invitations was going to be a priority in wedding planning. I have spent countless hours on them already and am really pleased with how they are coming along, but I keep thinking of extra touches that I can’t resist wanting to incorporate.

The Bride's Guide

Take envelope liners for instance. Pointless? Admittedly. Time consuming? Definitely. Hey, it hasn’t stopped me before.



Images © Amy Butler Design

I can’t get enough of Amy Butler fabrics. Um, in fact I think every. single. fabric craft project I’ve done has been with one of her amazing patterns (one of which I’ll be posting tomorrow). Plus I admit to having a stash that I bought for no particular project. I mean really, I can’t even sew!

In case that wasn’t going overboard already, her range has recently been expanded to include china…

Image via Bridal Guide


Image via Once Upon a Tea Time

And now wallpaper. Oh my!

Image via Apartment Therapy

So we know she’s a surface design guru, but have you ever wondered whether her eye for design translates to another medium such as interiors? You only need to have a look at these photos of her home to be able to say ,”Does a one-legged duck swim in circles?”

Amy Butler Home by Stewf.Amy Butler Home by Stewf.Amy Butler Home by Stewf.Amy Butler Home by Stewf.

Images © David Butler

Mid-century furniture? Check. Natural Materials? Check. Colourful? Check. Industrial? Check. Relaxed? Check. Yep, that pretty much sums up my dream look checklist.

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