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Hands up who keeps greeting cards they receive? I definitely don’t keep them all (ugh, clutter!) but I do keep cards that have particularly sentimental messages, great design, were handmade or were for extra special occasions. laundry; art; artwork; reuse; repurpose; recycle; upcycle; DIY; make; easy; project; cheap; budget; free; frame; clip frame; greeting card; personalized; personalised;

This card, made by a dear friend for The Man and I for our engagement, falls under all of those categories. I just love how she’s added our initials to the design. Certainly one of the perks of being a designer is that I’ve made a lot of wonderfully talented friends!

card artwork

If you haven’t got any frame-worthy cards sitting in your memory box you can still achieve a similar look. Find a piece of pretty wrapping paper, take an abstract photo or cut a fun pattern out of a magazine and add your personalised text using Letraset (you can find this at graphic arts supplies or scrapbooking stores).

Tiny Space card

That’s not the only cheap-but-meaningful greeting card art around our place. This cute illustration is actually an oversized greeting card purchased while on our recent New Zealand trip. I was running out of unused frames lying around so I simply used a bulldog clip instead.

framed bonjour card

The final example is one of my own designs, a letterpressed calligraphy greeting card. I think the sentiment is ideal considering its location next to the front door.

So what do you think? Time to drag out the shoebox full of old cards and breathe new life into some of them.


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12 Days of Christmas crafts

Filled baubles

I had recently heard about fillable baubles and got thinking about the possibilities. When I found them at the store, though, I was disappointed. There was a huge rim around the middle and they were made of thick plastic rather than clear, fine glass. Hmm. Then I remembered that glass baubles actually have quite a large hole at the top if you remove the hanger.

Obviously you have to choose objects that are flexible enough to fit through the hole. I opted for some fluffy white feathers and an appropriate photo (can you see the ‘My first Christmas’ bib?)

Filled bauble tutorial materials

You will need:

  • Large clear glass baubles
  • Photograph or feathers
  • Tweezers
  • Clear nylon thread

Filled bauble tutorial

1. Remove the metal hanger by squeezing the wire.

2. Insert your object through the hole.

Filled bauble tutorial

3. If you are using a photo, you will need to roll it up first.

4. Uncurl the photo or rearrange feather using tweezers.

Filled bauble tutorial

5. Replace the metal hanger.

6. Attach a loop of nylon thread for hanging.

If you have any other suggestions of what to fill them with, share with us in the comments.

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With barely a week left ’til the big day, the excitement is building! When designing our wedding invitations, I left a space for guests to write us a note. It has been so lifting to the spirit to check the letterbox every day and find not a stack of bills and junk mail, but another sweet message from a loved one. Not surprising then, that the motto of my invitation business is ‘Put some love in a letterbox’.

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