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Show & Tell

Oberon invitation suite 1

I was recently asked to contribute the stationery for an incredible collaboration (as you may already know if you follow Akimbo on Facebook or Twitter). I’ll discuss that in all its amazing detail on Wednesday, but for now I’m thrilled to reveal the stationery.

Oberon invitation suite 2

I have seriously never been so excited about a new product. Paper schmaper, this baby is printed on wood, people.

Oberon envelope 1

Oberon RSVP 2

Oberon map 1

Oberon map 3

I’ve been dying to do both a veneer invitation and an illustrated map, and this collection’s got the delicious double-whammy.

Oberon save the date 2

Oberon menu 2

Oberon program 3

Oberon program 2

The inspiration board and brief I was given for this project reminded me of the dreamy yet playful forest scenes in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. With that in mind, I have named the collection Oberon, after Shakespeare’s famous king of the fairies. (Wouldn’t my year 10 drama teacher be proud?)

Check back in later in the week to see the full photo shoot that this was produced for, as well as a matching DIY project.

Until then, you can find details of the stationery products here.

Thanks to the always generous Sally at Poppies Flowers for providing the props and flowers.


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Show & Tell

So I’ve been teasing you over the last couple of weeks with peeks of my new collection. I’ve shown you the party invitations, a mood board and some fun projects. Today it’s finally time to show you the whole shebang!

There’s a lot of rustic, handmade and vintage-inspired invitation options out there at the moment. Don’t get me wrong, I adore all that. But I figured there were a decent proportion of brides who didn’t dig that style and would love to see some glam, modern alternatives. So I created the Martini collection, inspired by cocktails and city lights.

Martini foil detail

To really make it special, it’s foil-stamped onto super-thick black card. I just love how the foil catches the light and gives a beautiful shimmery effect. (Please note the other items on this page are printed digitally as they’re just samples but above is a close-up of what the actual foiling looks like.)

Pre- and post-wedding stationery is covered…

Martini place card

…as well as the big day itself.

It would be perfect for an urban loft wedding, especially one with a cocktail reception… and dancing all night!

Keen to see more? Check out the full range here.

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