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green tea ice cream

Keen to get back into socialising after our time away from home, The Man and I invited some friends over for dinner on the weekend. The couple is mad about anything Japanese so it’s become a bit of a tradition to have themed dinner parties.

I’m generally a fairly confident cook but Japanese is definitely a gap in my culinary expertise, so it’s always a fun challenge trying new things. This time, I wanted to concentrate on the main course (I was cooking tuna for the first time) and just have a simple summer dessert.

I used some green tea ice cream from the local Asian grocer, topped with crushed ginger nut biscuits and served with sesame snaps (and sake, naturally). The combination of flavours and textures worked really well. (Although I have to admit to being more excited about using my new Anthropologie bowls than the actual dessert!)

Do you have any store-bought desserts that you tizz up to present to guests?


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Akimbo printable straw flags

Here’s a fun and easy project for your next party. Head over to Polka Dot Bride to download the free printable drink flag.

Thanks to Little Sweet Styling for the straw. Bottle from Emerald & Ella.

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I am taking some time off my regular blogging schedule during the final days before my wedding and while I’m on my honeymoon. Since you will be at home while I am having the time of my life, I have pre-posted some fun links and great guest posts to keep you entertained.


I don’t really know what to say about this, except WOW. Amy from Eat Drink Chic has created this heavenly set of free (yes, you heard right) printable signs and labels to make your very own ice-cream sundae bar.

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