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Target desk accessories

I’ve been back at work for a few weeks now, but we don’t properly get back into a regular routine until term starts and The Man returns to work (which is today).

This year, I’m even more keen than usual to give the desk a good spruce-up since I ditched my dearly-departed old black beast of a computer and replaced it with a sleek laptop. (I will be getting a big monitor when we move but for now I’m enjoying the simplicity).

Target desk accessories

Once I’d done a big tidy-up and wiped down the desk, it was time for the fun part: new stationery!

I picked up some of the gorgeous new-season stationery at Target, mixing and matching the colours, patterns and materials.

Target desk accessories

Target desk accessories

Don’t forget to look outside the stationery aisle: I scored the sweet faux blooms and ceramic tray from the homewares department.

Target desk accessories

Target desk accessories

As a total stationery addict, I was really impressed with the quality of the materials, like the fabric tray, timber pens and leather notebook plus all the paper items.

Target desk accessories

Target desk accessories

One of my favourite finds was this stackable in-tray with a drawer – so nifty and versatile, right?

Target desk accessories

What a cheery little spot to work now! Are you all set for back-to-work and -school?

Notebooks, pens, pencils, pencilcase, in-tray, flowers, white tray all from Target. Balloon art print from Akimbo. All other items I already owned.


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This post is sponsored by Target


Our first order of business today is to announce the winner of last week’s Target gift card giveaway.

The winner had to be Harriet who confessed her worst gift-giving moment:

One year my uncle asked for fertiliser (he was getting into gardening). So, I bought it and I thought I wrapped it up quite beautifully. When we arrived at the family christmas party, his flight was delayed and he was extremely late. Everybody was asking what the horrible smell was in the big package in the corner! In hindsight.. Who really wants a bag of poo for christmas? Wish I thought of that at the time!

Oh dear! I’ll contact you with details on your prize, which you could use to make up to your uncle with a less smelly gift this year!


We’ve covered the ladies and fellas, now it’s time for gift ideas for the young people in your life, starting with tweens:

30 under $30 gifts from Target for youngsters

1. Hat  2. Watch  3. Gold flats  4. iPad cover  5. iPod cover  6. The Sims game  7. Cake decorating kit  8. The Hunger Games  9. Headphones  10. Speakers  11. String lights  12. Votive  13. Cushion  14. Skateboard  15. Sneakers 


And for the little ones…

30 under $30 gifts from Target for youngsters

16. Suitcase  17. Ride-on car  18. Paddling pool  19. Max Steel DVD  20. Up DVD  21. Uno game  22. Lego  23. Monsters plush toy  24. Play-Doh set  25. Planes toy  26. Roald Dahl collection  27. Nintendo kit  28. Little Big Planet game  29. Bubble lawn mower  30. Football


I have a $30 Target gift card to give away to one lucky reader. Simply leave a comment and tell us your favourite budget-friendly gift giving ideas and the best answer will win!

Competition closes midnight Monday 9th December and winner will be announced on Wednesday 11th December. Sorry, open to Australian residents only.

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This post is sponsored by Target


Before we get into today’s gift roundup, I must announce the winner of last week’s Target gift card giveaway.

Your entries for the worst gift ever had me in tears of laughter! But there can only be one winner, and I couldn’t go past the misfortune of Crystal who said this:

“My worst gift is easy. One year my grandma bought me a three pack of hankies (in a box). They were a bit wrinkled, and upon opening, found one was used. UGH. Worst regift ever.”

Eww! Congratulations, Crystal! I will email you for details on your prize. Oh, and I’m sure no one would hold it against you if you used it to buy a present for yourself 😉


We had gift ideas for the ladies last week and now it’s the fellas’ turn. Here are 30 gift ideas under $30 for your boyfriend/husband, brother and dad.

30 under $30 Target gift ideas for men

1. Wine rack  2. Stemless wine glasses  3. Cookbook  4. Knife  5. Slate cheese board  6. Umbrella  7. Scarf  8. Satchel  9. Shoes  10. Belt  11. Beach chair  12. Beach towel  13. Board shorts  14. Cooler  15. iPod dock & accessory kit

30 under $30 Target gift ideas for men

16. Cookbook  17. Chopping board  18. Creme brulee kit  19. Dinner set  20. Pot plant  21. Storage containers  22. Cushion  23. Flat cap  24. Watch  25. Tie  26. Suspenders  27. Book  28. iPad cover  29. Trunks  30. Video game


I have a $30 Target gift card to give away to one lucky reader. Simply leave a comment and ‘fess up to the worst present you’ve ever given and the best answer will win!

Competition closes midnight Monday 2nd December and winner will be announced on Wednesday 4th December. Sorry, open to Australian residents only.

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This post is sponsored by Target.

I lurve giving choosing the perfect gift for each of my family at Christmas. Unfortunately my budget doesn’t always match my enthusiasm.

But the good news is, it doesn’t have to! That’s why I’m happy to be presenting a special series of 30 gifts under $30 from Target. First up is gifts for the ladies – so have a look and you’ll find something for your mum, mother-in-law, sister and bestie.

Target 30 under $30 gifts for her

1. Bookends  2. Vase  3. Lamp  4. Plant  5. Tray  6. Makeup bag  7. Eyeshadow   8. Hair straightener  9. Sandals  10. Watch  11. Revenge Wears Prada  12.  Beach tote  13. Earbuds  14. iPod/iPhone armband  15. iPad cover


16. Sculpture   17. Black & white cushion  18. Textured cushion  19. Hourglass  20. Scarf  21. Hat  22. Ballet flats  23. Handbag  24. Coasters  25. Sandwich press  26. Champagne flutes  27. Serving bowls  28. Earrings  29. Bangles  30. Coin purse

GIVEAWAY – this giveaway is now closed

I have a $30 Target gift card to give away to one lucky reader. Simply leave a comment with the worst present you’ve ever received and the best answer will win!

Competition closes midnight Monday 25th November and winner will be announced on Wednesday 27th November. Sorry, open to Australian residents only.

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Sponsored by Target.

Target lamp

I’ve resisted using that post subject for every lighting related post for three years and finally the temptation was too great.

I really do love my new lamp that I picked up for a steal at the Target home sale (the regular price of $80 was still great value but I scored it for $60!). I’ve been looking for a floor lamp for the living room for years and I could never find the right thing because they were either too big or they were about $300 over my budget.

The simple design fits perfectly in the narrow spot in the corner and it adds a nice layer without making it look cluttered (and of course the evening glow is lovely). The brushed chrome finish ties in with a few other pieces in the current room, but I know the classic design will be really versatile in the future (I’m picturing it as a reading lamp over a big cushy armchair).

The room is now one step closer to being ‘finished’ (I use inverted commas since I’m a firm believer in interiors that keep evolving).

What item have you been searching high and low for? Has your quest finally been successful, like mine?

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cleaning caddy 1

One of my favourite organising tips is to store items where you use them. I decided to take my own advice and set up a little cleaning box in the bathroom using this cute white storage tin.

cleaning caddy 2

The caddy contains vinegar, bicarb soda, methylated spirits, Ajax, a sponge cloth, a microfibre cloth and an old toothbrush.

cleaning caddy 3

Instead of carting everything up from the laundry (downstairs), all the essentials are now on hand in the bathroom so a quick clean is that much easier to squeeze in on a busy weekend… or, er, five minutes before guests are due to rock up.


I was already on a mission to simplify our cleaning routine when I spotted this nifty gadget. 

You guys, a robotic sweeper. I feel like I’m on the Jetsons.


You just press a button and off it zooms to every corner of the room (this is what the disposable pad looked like after only a tiny section – ew!).

We will still need to mop any sticky spills in the kitchen, but for everyday cleaning of crumbs, dust and hair it will work great on our downstairs flooring.


I had a spare metal crate under the sideboard that is the perfect home for it.

Only thing is, I’ve now made life easier for The Man (cleaning the bathroom and sweeping fall under his side of the chores list) so I need to even it up by finding ways to automate my tasks – ha!

Do you have any of your own tips for simplifying your cleaning routine?


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1. Hurricane vases  2. Picture frame  3. Suction shower shelf  4. iShower bluetooth speaker  5. Seagrass basket  6. Towel set  7. Faux orchid  8. Shelving unit  9. Lantern  10. Wire basket  11. Soap dispenser  12. Soap dish  13. Bath mat 

I’ve been busy prepping the bathroom for its much-deserved makeover. To while away the hours painting, I’ve been mentally forming an image of what I want the end result to look like.

It will mostly be white, but I want to add some texture and depth using natural materials in shades of greige. Naturally, no room in my house can escape some colour, so I’m adding pops of green to tie in with the adjacent stairwell/landing walls.

The freestanding unit will be perfect for extra storage and the baskets will be great for spare toilet rolls and such. I’ve also looked outside the bathroom aisle for pretty storage (like the hurricane vases  for cotton balls and makeup brushes) and decor such as the faux orchid and lantern.

I’ll be back later in the month to show you how I’ll be bringing this inspiration to life!

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The new Target campaign Gok Loves is all about chic city dressing in monochromatic basics mixed with colourful on-trend accessories. I thought it would be fun to translate this into styling your desk.

Whether you are a cubicle dweller or work from home, try some of these ideas to personalise your workspace.

1. Keep paper clutter at bay with a set of stylish in-trays.

2. You may be stuck inside but you can still bring in some (faux) greenery.

3. Brighten up your work outfit with a colourful hold-everything handbag.

4. Repurpose a candle holder as a pencil tin.

5. Personalise your workspace with a framed photo of your family.

6. A gorgeous classic desk lamp.

7. A comfy and sturdy desk chair is a must.

8. Choose a contemporary desk with extra storage space.

9. Use a collapsible box under your desk to stash your personal items such as your umbrella and high heels for Friday night drinks.

10. Quite possible the cutest iPad case ever.

11. Stash some makeup in this cute pouch for a quick touch-up before heading out after work.

12. Pick up some hand cream with cute packaging.

How do you make your workspace more ‘you’? 

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1. Eiffel Tower metal sculpture 2. White wall clock 3. Expanding wall rack 4. Framed zebra print 5. Clear geometric candle holder 6. Ceramic table lamp 7. White metal bedside table trolley 8. Geometric quilt cover set

New Target style guru Gok Wan is showing us how to pull off a chic black & white look with his Gok Loves fashion picks, so I thought I’d do my own take on the trend, this time bringing the look into your home.

I admit, I’m normally a total colour addict. But there’s always something so striking about a monochromatic colour palette. Start with some classic basics and mix in some organic curves and on-trend geometric patterns. Voila! Effortless style that even this colour lover can’t resist.


This post is sponsored by Target.

bedroom update

So we haven’t painted the bedroom as discussed (yet) but I did do a mini update on the weekend.

It’s always nice to freshen up your linens with the change of season, don’t you think? Not only are you likely to be nesting down for the cooler months but the stocktake sales are on so it’s the perfect time to update those faded, threadbare sheets.

bedroom update

We still love our quilt cover,  but the mattress protector was literally falling to pieces so I picked up a nice thick Target mattress protector to replace it. The previous one had the elastic straps at the corners which never kept it in place so the new one is fitted so it doesn’t bunch up underneath the sheets.

bedroom update

The sheets, which had been purchased to go with a different quilt cover, were off-white so I also grabbed a crisp white Target Essentials sheet set. Such a simple update but I feel like I’m staying in a swanky hotel!

bedroom update

The nights have been getting very chilly (just ask The Man who has to deal with my freezing cold feet) so a colourful chenille throw rug was a much-needed addition to cosy up the bed. I love the bright aqua which ties into the colour of the existing quilt cover and cushion.

bedroom update

Finally, I had my eye on Betsy‘s retro style but when I spotted this funky lamp (sorry, no link available) I changed my mind. The Man loves it too and he couldn’t believe it when I told him it wasn’t from some trendy designer boutique.

Next weekend I think I need to schedule some me time curling up in bed with a good book and a cup of tea.

I adore fresh, clean bedding as a little everyday feeling of indulgence. How about you?

What are your tips for small changes that seem much more luxurious than they cost? Share them in the comments!

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