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singer sewing table as vanity
Chrissy & Kyle’s home via Design*Sponge (Image credit: Evan Nash)

It’s been a while since I did a Rethink & Reuse feature but I came across this clever idea and couldn’t resist sharing it. I love the visible age of the timber paired with the contemporary square basin.

Check out more clever upcycling ideas on my Pinterest board.


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frame with pegged photos

I have a bit of an obsession with old thing painted in bright colours and empty frames in general, so I adore this project by Goodwillionaire. Such a great way to display your Instagram photos or polaroids, don’t you think? And at Christmas and birthdays it could easily be repurposed as a card display.

As it happens I have a couple of old frames and an almost complete lack of happy snaps around our house so perhaps I need to do this myself.

See all the project details and more photos here.

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changing table as bar cart
Curbly via Honey & Fitz

Babies seem to require an awful lot of stuff that is only needed for a short time. Here is a clever way to repurpose your growing child’s change table. Give it a coat of paint, add some castors and liberate your spirits and cocktail glasses from the cabinet to set up your very own bar cart. No one would ever guess its original use.

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frame as tray
100 Layer Cake

There are loads of ways to reuse an old frame, but this has to be my favourite. It’s so versatile: use your new tray on your dresser for jewellery or perfume, in the bathroom for your lotions or in living areas for decorative displays.

I’ve actually been on the hunt for a tray for my own home and am not having much luck, perhaps I should keep my eyes open for frames instead.


Hope you all have a lovely evening tonight, I’m off to celebrate The Man’s birthday.

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mattress springs as pinboard
Via La Maison Dannag

I don’t know about you, but it wouldn’t have occurred to me in a million years to use an old mattress spring frame as a pinboard. Doesn’t it add a wonderfully dramatic industrial edge to this Scandanavian style office? If you don’t have that much room to spare, try using a spring base from a cot instead of a full-size bed.

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Better Homes & Gardens

Hang a shower caddy on an unused spot behind a door or on the side of a bookcase to create extra space for those stationery odds and ends that always get lost in drawers.

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Alicia & Ryan wedding

Today’s Rethink & Reuse is somewhat selfish. You see, I have a type drawer that I bought to display some family photos at our wedding. I absolutely love it, but apart from a brief stint as an advent calendar two Christmases ago, I’m actually at a bit of a loss as to what to do with it now.

type drawer advent calendar

Here are what some clever folks are repurposing theirs for:

Jewellery rack | Tonya Staab

Apartment Therapy type drawer
Shadow box | Apartment Therapy

Justina's type drawer on DesignSponge
Shadow box | Design*Sponge

Justina's type drawer on DesignSponge
Craft supply storage | 26 Letters

type drawer coffee table
Memento coffee table | Zween

These are all great ideas, but I already have jewellery storage and a coffee table, prefer my craft supplies to be kept out of sight and I don’t really have many tiny mementos for a memory box. I would LOVE to hear your suggestions of what I could do with my cool – but currently useless – type drawer.

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Cloth-covered box files materials

I’d had these pink box files for some years and they’re really handy, but the colour had faded a lot in the sun and was looking a little drab. Besides, it was the only remnant of pink in the now yellow, grey and aqua office.

They were perfectly functional so I didn’t want to ditch them, instead I covered them with grey fabric for a neutral, classy look.

Cloth-covered box files during

I used this technique for turning thin cotton fabric into sturdy cloth stuitable for gluing. Getting the flaps to stay put is the only tricky bit but with help from some pegs and rubber bands you’ll be fine. It would work better on a cardboard rather than plastic surface like this, but since I use these files for seldom-accessed items they didn’t need to be super durable.

Cloth-covered box files after

Cutting out the finger-pulls was going to be a real headache, so I simply stuck on some metal rim tags in the same shape and size. I actually threw out the previous contents of the files and haven’t decided what will go back in them hence the blank tags.

I had the tags, as well as the rest of the materials, already on hand so it was a lovely zero dollar project – and you gotta love that.

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ceiling medallion wreath

There are so many beautiful and creative wreaths out there these days, either made by a crafty pro for you to buy or tutorials for you to make yourself. But as much as I love them, after a while it becomes a sea of twigs, wool and felt. Which is why I stopped in my tracks when I came across this truly unique idea (albeit featuring an ugly ribbon).

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Desk made from old cot

Doing what I do, I come across a ton of decorating ideas and after a while you feel like you’ve seen it all before.

Not so in this case. What an original (not to mention beautifully decorated, styled and photographed) idea this is for families who no longer need their cot. It looks like it would be a bit impractical for a desk (as there’s nowhere for your legs) but how handy would it be for an extra workbench with storage like in this photo?

Via Achados De Decoracao (if anyone knows the original source please let me know as I would love to credit them)

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