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Valentine's breakfast

Since I was not at home for virtually all of January, everything is rolling around so much faster! I mean, Valentine’s Day, really? Where did that come from?

But the 14th is certainly fast approaching so it’s time to get ready. If you’re like us and don’t do fancy dates for V-Day, you’ll love this cosy breakfast in bed, topped off with a free card for your sweetheart.

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Free printable mini valentines
Kristen Magee

Happy Valentine’s Day! You’ve still got time to download these free printable cards ready to greet your sweetie tonight.

Quick, grab yours over at Paper Crave now!

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Show & Tell

Regency I heart you card

Yesterday marked The Man’s and my first anniversary, so since I’m feeling all lovey-dovey I thought it was the perfect time to launch a new card I recently created.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll appreciate being able to send a thoughtful message without a soppy poem or image.

You can buy one for your plus one here.

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If you’re single or just hate the made-up holiday that is Valentine’s Day, these snarky conversation heart biccies by Not So Humble Pie are perfect for you.

Whether you’ve got plans or it’s just another day, have a good one and I sincerely hope you do not die in a fire.

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Sweet Home card

I’m not one for making a fuss on Valentine’s Day. A simple but romantic note is more my style: it’s in the spirit of the occasion without buying into the insane commercialisation.

With that in mind, I added this cute printable card to the Sweet Home collection just in time for V-Day.

Download it now.

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